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From 1st August 2023 any customer choosing UK Standard delivery must be aware that due to changes in courier policy we will no longer be able to refund or compensate items that are lost or arrive damaged. Food items and goods classified as perishable are deemed as 'restricted' items and are not eligible for compensationIf you choose this option you are assuming all risk associated with standard delivery policies. We strongly recommend that large and high value orders are sent via our Express Service (DPD)


Please note: Working days are typically Monday-Friday and do not include UK Bank Holidays/Public Holidays. Orders are not processed over the weekend.

Once your order has shipped, delivery should take:

  • 1 working day to most of UK Mainland via UK EXPRESS SERVICE (DPD)

  • 3-5 Working Days via Standard Delivery (Royal Mail/Evri, only shipped Monday and Friday)

  • 2-7 days UK offshore, Northern Ireland, some areas in the Scottish Highlands and Europe

  • 1-2 working days USA (usually Fedex or UPS)

We use a number of different couriers and postal services including DPD, Royal Mail, Evri (formerly Hermes), Fedex and UPS. The services available to send your order will be automatically determined by your location and size of order.

If you are in a location that requires one of the alternative services or you opt for UK Standard Delivery please allow longer for dispatch and delivery as these only get shipped once a week.

If you are unsure of the delivery transit time for your location, please get in touch via email for clarification prior to ordering.

Delivery dates and delivery time scales are estimates only and are not guaranteed! We can not compensate or refund orders or shipping fees for items that did not arrive within a specified time frame or on a stated delivery date unless a refund or compensation is offered by the relevant courier or postal service.

International Shipping:

Shipping fees for orders outside of the UK do not include customs charges or any other tariffs , fees or taxes that may be applicable upon entry of the country of destination. Customers are responsible for paying any additional charges that may occur and these can not be reimbursed or compensated.

We are unable to advise on what (if any) customs fees are applicable to your order. Please check with your local customs authority before placing an order.

We may not be able to refund your order if it is returned to us due to unpaid customs fees (please see return/refund policy for details).

From the 1st January 2021, orders going into the EU may now be subjected to duty taxes or customs charges. These are payable by the customer and can not be reimbursed or compensated. Full details on changes for deliveries into the EU can be found here.




Due to the nature of our products we are unable to accept returns under most circumstances. As our products are considered perishable by most couriers, they may be prone to some damage during transit.

Damaged & unwanted Items


Damaged Items


Only items shipped via Express Delivery may be eligible for return if you received them damaged and feel they are unfit for consumption. Please contact us via email on to report damaged items. We can only refund items that are sent back to us.

Unwanted Items

Due to our items being short life, perishable food items, we can only accept items that you longer want, or have changed your mind about under the following criteria:

1). Returned items must be unopened and in their original packaging with no signs of damage to either the external packaging or the product within.

2). Items must have a minimum of 2 weeks remaining on their best before date by the time it is returned to us. Any items we receive back with less than 2 weeks on the best before date, will be redirected back to you and we will be unable to refund them.

Please note: Some products already have a shelf life of 2 weeks or less, these unfortunately will not be eligible for returns

3).Only items that you have received within the last 7 days are eligible for return, in addition to meeting our other criteria.


For all items being returned, You are responsible for return shipping fees and we can not reimburse or compensate this. Shipping fees from your original order are non refundable. If you proceed with a returns request, please ensure you use a service that offers tracking or delivery confirmation. We are unable to process your returns request if we do not receive your items back. Please ensure you enclose something in your return package that includes your name and order number so that we can identify the return when we receive it.


Please address your returns to:

FAO: E. Williams

26 Mystery Close


L15 0AB

We are unable to refund items that have already been consumed or opened from their original packaging. We are unable to offer replacements or exchanges at the moment.

Missing or incorrect items

If you believe an item is missing or your order is incorrect in any way please inform us by emailing us:

After investigating your claim, if we agree an item was missing from your order this will be refunded. We are unable to send replacements.


If you have received an incorrect item, we will enable a returns process for you so you can have this item refunded. You must dispatch your return by the date determined by us. We can not accept returns after the stated period and will not be able to enable an additional returns process for you. Upon receipt of your returned item, a refund will be issued. We are unable to send replacements.

Cancelling an Order


You may cancel an order prior to it being dispatched. Once your order has been dispatched we are unable to cancel your order.

Refunds and compensation


1).We can not fully refund orders that are returned to us by the courier due to unsuccessful delivery attempts. A partial refund may be offered at our discretion with the following deducted:

  • original shipping fee

  • courier's return processing fee (starts from £10, dependent on location and courier used)

  • Any other fees or tariffs that may have occurred as a result of an attempted delivery, anticipated delivery or a return.

If the return processing fees exceeds the value of your order we cannot issue a refund.


2).We can not refund orders that have been returned to us as a result of being held in a depot or post office waiting for redelivery instructions or collection, and the items have reached or exceeded their best before date.


3).We can not refund an order if you have delayed collecting or requesting redelivery of your order and the items have then reached or exceeded their best before dates.


4).We cannot refund orders that have been damaged or have perished whilst being held in a depot or post office or collection point, for an extended period of time.

5).We cannot fully refund orders that have been returned to us as a result of an unsuccessful delivery if the address or recipient details provided is:

  • incorrect

  • inaccurate or not recognised by the shipping address data bases used by couriers

  • refused at the delivery location

  • lost or delayed due to an incorrect or inaccurate address being provided. 

5).We can not offer refunds or compensation on your order or on your shipping fee for items that take longer than the estimated delivery or for items that do not arrive by a specified date.


6).We can not offer refunds or compensation on your order or shipping fees for items that have not been delivered within the estimated time frame or by specific date as a result of operational issues (or similar) within the courier or postal service's network.

7). We can not refund items that were delivered to a 'safe place' or a nominated alternative address/location, and the items are not at the expected location. 'Safe Place' deliveries and changes to the delivery location are requested at the recipient's own risk and it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that alternative delivery arrangements are secure.

Missing/Lost Parcels, delivery delays and Problems with Order upon Receipt

You must inform us within 48 hours of receipt of your delivery if there is a problem with your order.

You must inform us within 14 days from date of dispatch if you have not received your order. We may not be able to trace your package or rectify any issues if we are informed outside of these time frames.


If you believe your order has gone missing or has been lost by the courier or post service used you must inform us as soon as possible. You must allow us to work with the relevant service provider to investigate your claim before any refunds are issued. The length of time it takes to investigate lost or delayed items will vary between service providers.

If the service provider determines your item was delivered and is able to provide proof of delivery, we will be unable to issue any refunds. Any further disputes will need to addressed directly with the courier.

If a service provider determines your item is lost or delayed and eligible for compensation, we can issue a refund in line with the compensation offered.


Delivery time scales are estimates only NOT GUARANTEED.

If you have not not received your order within 7 working days from the date of dispatch, and the tracking information has not updated, please get in touch so we can determine the status of your item with the relevant service provider.

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