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Sometimes things don’t quite go right in the Protein Pantry kitchen and we end up with some less than perfect product…but they’re still too good to just go in the bin!

They may not look the part, but they are still delicious and perfectly edible!




Our “Whoopsie!!” Products are from our freshly made batches, but have significant imperfections or have been damaged at some point during the production and/or packaging stages. They are deemed fit for sale but at a reduced price.

Sample packaging are our clear sealed pouches without any printed information or branding on them.

Items that come in these are not damaged nor have anything wrong with them, but they have been placed in sample packaging either due to over production or there may have been issues with the regular packaging they normally come in.

Short dated items are items that are close to their best before date at the time of sale. Best before dates are NOT expiry dates, so the items may still be suitable for consumption past the date, however we can no longer guarantee the quality or freshness of the product after the best before date. Due to shipping and transit times, short dated items may already be at or past their best before date by the time they reach you. Please bear this in mind particularly if you are ordering from outside of the UK.

By purchasing these items you acknowledge the condition that they are being sold in.

For items that are already damaged prior to shipping, you acknowledge that further damage may occur whilst in transit.

All sales on these are final and are not eligible for refunds or replacements


PriceFrom £3.25
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