White Chocolate protein bar with layers of baked cake, fruit spread and pink frosting


WHOOPSIE!!! Sometimes things don’t quite go right during the production process. Whether some bars dont quite set right or some are handled a little roughly during the packaging stage, sometimes we end up with a few slightly less aethesically pleasing goodies on our hands. Perfectly edible and as equally delicious as their better looking siblings, you just might not wanna use them for them for the Gram!


Our “WHOOPSIE” bars are pulled from our regular batches of bars and are deemed suitable for sale at a discounted price. These bars will have significant imperfections and/or evident damage. We can not refund or offer further discounts on these items including additional damage that might be inflicted on them as a result of transit conditions whilst in the care of our couriers.

WHOOPSIE!! Birthday Cake

£3.75 Regular Price
£2.55Sale Price
  • The shelf life on products can vary from 3-8 weeks if kept ambient. Please check the best before date on the base of the packet as a guideline. Most items are suitable for freezing which will extend the shelf life for a further 4 weeks.



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