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Christmas 2023 & New Year Opening Schedule

You may have noticed we have been handling orders a little differently as we have approached the end of 2023 and the Christmas period. Big changes will be taking place at Protein Pantry in 2024, which is why we are taking orders for delivery in January now, to help us roll out these changes.


Check out our opening and production schedule below to see when your orders will be processed and shipped

11th December 2023:

Online Shop closes for 2023 orders

15th December 2023:

Online shop opens for Winter Sale-orders for JANUARY DELIVERY


18th December 2023:

Last orders of 2023 shipped

23rd December 2023-1st January 2024:


2nd-9th January 2024:

Business Resumes for production on orders placed*

10th January 2024:

Orders start shipping

*Please remember our items are all handmade with average shelf life of 2-4 weeks. In order to ensure you are receiving them as fresh as possible, we are unable to make items now to store over the Christmas period and ship in January, which is why we have a week reserved to resume normal production. Lots of our suppliers have already closed off orders for Christmas, and aren't delivering or are not open in the period between Christmas and New Year.

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