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Become A VIP Member

You told us and we listened! 


Our subscription service model is changing, so if you have been trying to get a space on our subscriptions for a while, you may be interested in our

VIP Membership!

VIP Member



Every year

Get access to exclusives offers and products!

Valid until canceled

£10 welcome credit to spend on any items you like!

Member's discount on items from our core range

Priority access to new product launches

Access to exclusive offers throughout the year

Access to exclusive limited edition items

Upon purchase you will be given your welcome credit and have immediate access to the VIP Members page, which currently holds items from our subscription box plans! Keep checking back on your VIP Members page for new products and special offers.

How does this differ from the subscription box plan and why is it better?

  • By no longer having a quarterly subscription box to fulfil, this means we can open up this service to a lot more people without placing limits on the number of people that can sign up. Our subscription box plan remained at full capacity for the entirety of 2022, and we honestly can not foresee a significant enough increase in our production capacity to accommodate new members anytime soon.

  • Members will still have access to delicious limited edition flavours that aren't available in our main shop, but you can now pick the ones you want, when you want, without being tied to a delivery schedule or being committed to a box with flavours that you might not have otherwise wanted. 

  • It's cheaper! £50 for 1 year compared to £29 quarterly, which if you stayed on our old subscription box plan for the whole year would total to £116. Your membership fee goes towards the cost of product development and sustaining our current prices, meaning we can also offer better discounts and bundle offers periodically.

Once you have purchased your VIP Membership, you can access the VIP shop from here or from the drop down menu at the top of our website:

Terms & Conditions...

Membership Benefits

1). Members get access to the following:

1a). Access to a  "members only" shop page where exclusive items can be purchased and any special offers and discounts will be displayed

1b). An additional discount on our core range 

1c). £10 welcome credit

1d). Priority access to new product launches

Cancellations and Billing

1). VIP Membership is a rolling service that will automatically renew annually unless cancelled.


2). Customers can cancel their membership any time prior to their next billing date. Payment is automatically taken when your membership is due to renew. 


Cancellations are final. Once you have been given access to membership benefits, we can not refund your membership fee, in part or in whole even if you choose to cancel before your next renewal date.


3). There are no cancellation fees if you cancel your membership at any point during the year it is valid or before its next renewal, however, cancelling your membership automatically revokes membership benefits. Access to the 'members only" shop page and special member discounts will no longer be valid.



VIP membership is non-refundable once you have been given access to the members page, your welcome credit and any other special offers or discounts


If you choose to cancel your membership in the duration of your annual plan we can not offer any refunds in part or in whole, or any other compensation.

For existing members of our subscription box plans

Here's our Terms & Conditions for your reference...

Box Contents

1). Each box will contain 5 individual item.

2). There will be a minimum of 2 unique varieties/flavours each quarter. In the event that less than 5 unique items are available in a quarter, duplicates will be provided.

Duplicates will be predetermined and personal preference will not be accommodated for.

3). Each box will be the same for every customer for every new quarter. Items can not be replaced or swapped out for alternatives. We are currently unable to cater to specific dietary needs.

Product Availability

1). The number of subscriptions available is limited. Once our subscription service is at full capacity, we will not be accepting any more subscription purchases until further notice

2). Where possible, extra items will be available for separate purchase. Availability of additional individual items will be limited and only available during the quarter they are a featured product. Any remaining items at the end of a quarter may be made available to non-subscription customers.

3).Protein Pantry reserve the right to make past, present and future subscription items available to non subscription members for any reason deemed appropriate, without prior warning to subscription members. Reasons may include, but are not limited to: excess stock levels, promotional and marketing reasons.

Delivery Schedule

1). Subscriptions are delivered at the beginning of each quarter. Deliveries are staggered and not every customer will receive their subscription at the same time. We are unable to give specific delivery dates but aim to have all subscriptions delivered before the end of the first month of each quarter.

2). You will be billed for your next subscription box on the 28th of the last month of the quarter unless you have cancelled your subscription prior to this.

3). In the event that we are unable to fulfil the usual delivery schedule, adjustments will be made to the schedule to ensure that members have ample time to benefit from the selection of items available for the quarter.

Membership Benefits

1). Subscription box members get the following additional benefits:

1a). Access to a password protected "members only" shop page where additional subscription box items can be purchased

1b). An additional discount on our core range 

Cancellations and Billing

1). Subscription boxes are a rolling service and customers are automatically charged at the end of the quarter for their next subscription box

2). Customers can cancel their subscription any time prior to their next billing date. Payment is automatically taken on the 28th of the last month of a quarter, for the following subscription box. Due to the limited capacity of the service, cancellations are final and customers will not be able to sign up to the subscription service again until more memberships are opened up in the future. Previous membership does not guarantee future membership.

3). Cancelling your membership automatically revokes membership benefits. Access to the 'members only" shop page and special member discounts will no longer be valid.

4). We reserve the right to cancel subscription box plans at any time and for any reason without prior warning. In the event that we cancel your subscription box plan, you will be informed.

Refunds and Problems with Orders

1). Items can be returned for a refund in line with our current returns and refunds policy  . If you are only returning part of your order, a credit note will be added to your subscription account, which will be used against your next billing date.

2). For any other problems with your order, a credit note will be applied to your account which will be used against your next billing date, if a refund is not possible

3). If you decide to cancel your subscription, any credit on your subscription account will be transferred to be redeemable for use on our regular items on our website. Cash alternatives (i.e. in the form of a refund) are not possible. Vouchers and discount codes and gift codes which have not been redeemed prior to cancelling, will no longer be valid for use.

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