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Fed up of missing out on restocks? We hear ya! Gone are the days where you're frantically throwing as many protein bars as you can, into that shopping cart only to see the items disappear from your basket before you get to the checkout! You know what you like an you just want a little supply of them right?

Never miss out on your favourite flavours ever again! With our new subscription service, you can rest assured that you're guaranteed a selection of your favourites every month!

Choose the items you want and we'll do the rest! Don't want the same things in your next delivery? No problem! Just change your selection before your next billing date and get an exciting new batch of flavours in your next delivery!

Choose Your Subscription
Choose your box size
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Keep it interesting!
Change up your selection before your next delivery (or keep it the same if they're your favourites!)

Mini Box


(plus shipping fee)

5 bars of your choice each month

Essential Box


(plus shipping fee)

  • 10 bars of your choice each month

  • Option to choose limited editions and seasonal specials as part of your selection

V.I.P. Box


(plus shipping fee)

  • 30 bars of your choice each month

  • Option to choose limited editions and seasonal specials as part of your selection

  • Cost per bar is cheaper than regular retail price.

  • Enjoy an extra 10% off any purchases made on our regular items between your subscribtion deliveries. 

Whether you're simply on a  budget or you want a few Protein Pantry items to add to your diverse protein snack stash, then this is the box for you! 

The perfect box for most of our customers, this option ensures you receive a decent selection of your favourite bars to keep that stash topped up!

For the ultimate Protein Pantry fiend! The V.I.P. BOX delivers enough bars for you have one every day of the month ! keep that stash of bars constantly stocked up! Enjoy an extra discount on all other purchases and get access to special offers throughout the year.

CUSTOMER NOTICE: Due to circumstances related to the current national lockdown announced by the UK government on the 4th January, our subscription service will be temporarily suspended until further notice. Customers can still make purchases from our online shop

Not ready to commit,or haven't even tried us yet?

No Problem! Just grab the goodies you want for now



Out of Stock
Caramaisin Crunch

Caramaisin Crunch

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Mince Pie and Cream

Mince Pie and Cream

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